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Among Us Has A Big Update Coming Soon

Sunday, June 23 2021

Among Us, the famous social deduction game, has recently gotten a roadmap, or plan, for their next LARGE update. The update will introduce so many changes that it will be Among Us' biggest update to be released so far. 

The Roles

Among Us used to have 2 roles, the Imposter and the Crewmate. The Imposter attempts to kill all the Crewmates and the Crewmates try to figure out who the Imposter is to vote them out of the game. The Crewmate would also finish tasks, and if all tasks are done, the Crewmates win the game. They have only ever had these 2 roles... up until now. They will soon be adding 2 NEW roles, Sherrif and Scientist. Sherrif will, most likely, be on the Crewmate's side. Sherrif has been around for a long time-through mods of course. The mod video is shown in several videos on Youtube by different Youtubers including but not limited to: Disguisedtoast, Socksfor1 (my personal favorite as he does TONS of mods) and AlexAcePlays (who also does A LOT of random mods). The other new role, Scientist, has not been played by many, but one Youtuber has been able to mod it into Among Us. The Youtuber, Sub and Fletch, showcases the mod in their video.

New Mode

Among Us will also be getting a new game mode as well. The new mode will be Hide-And-Seek. This is a gamemode done in a ton of custom Among Us servers, like, that is about hiding and trying now to be seen by the Imposter. Its pretty self explanatory, so i'll let you figure it out.

There is MORE?

Yup, there is a lot more. A LOT MORE. Among Us will be getting a new amount of players in one round at a time. It will be shooting up from 10 to 15 players per lobby. Among Us will also be getting more colors like tan, coral, banana, rose, gray, maroon and, supposedly, barf. Among Us will be getting a new map too, but nothing is known about that yet. The Among Us characters ( often referred to as "beans") will also getting new cosmetics for their visors. Visit the official among us tweet down below to see the page for more details.

Among Us Has A Big Update Coming Soon: News
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