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Among Us Has A Big Update Coming Soon

How Among Us Next Update Is The Biggest For A While

Among Us has a ton of new features coming and in this article you'll learn about them.

Firstly, Among Us Has recently released a new map, Airship, and has plans for another, which, from the pictures shared, looks like it could be based on a comet or an asteroid or something like that. (It would be the 5th map). 
Among Us has also added new colors such as tan, rose, banana, grey, maroon and coral. These new colors are useful because they have also added 15 player lobbies, which increased the maximum players from 10 to 15.

Among Us has lots of cosmetics already, but that doesn't mean they're done. They are going to introduce a new type of cosmetic called visor cosmetics. So far, from the picture, I can see new glasses, and an eye patch. I also noticed that it shows the DUM sticky note and the plague doctor mask, which means they may be switch those (instead of hats) to visor cosmetics.

Among Us is playable on many devices, which means more players = more payers and people buying cosmetics. Although before you couldn't link an Among Us account from your Nintendo Switch to your phone, but with an upcoming feature you can link accounts! 

Among Us has TONS of mods, and I mean TONS. 1 mod,, has a gamemode called Hide n' Seek, where imposters look for crewmates. Even though it has always been an unofficial gamemode, Innersloth (Among Us Developer) has decided to add it as a gamemode, and it will be added soon, with the next large update.

Among Us has always had 2 roles, crewmate and impostor. With the next large update, this while change. They will be adding 2 new roles to the game! Scientist is almost completely new, but the other will be Sherrif, and will be able to kill the impostor.

Among Us will be adding achievements, which can be earned for rewards or something like that.

Among Us will be released on 2 new consoles, XBOX and Playstation. 

Among Us Has A Big Update Coming Soon: News
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