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Minecraft 1.17

Covering Almost All The Bases

Minecraft's latest update, 1.17 is the first half of such a large update that it was split into 2 parts and got the nickname "The Update That Changed The World". We will attempt to share all the details but it is so large that not everything may be covered.


The New Game Guide Everyone Is Talking About

The 1.17 Minecraft update added new mobs such as goats, glow squids and axolotls. In the picture above, a new mob that hasn't been released but has been announced, the Warden, is shown holding an axolotl, which means he protects nature. He guards a treasure and will attack any player foolish enough to attack it. The goat, ahh the goat. The INCREDIBLE goat. There are lots of varieties like screaming goat, baby screaming goat, goat, baby goat, angry goat and angry baby goat. The list never ends. The axolotl has some special abilities too. After it falls below 30% of it's total HP, it plays dead and enemies will not attack it. The glow squid is utterly USELESS, apart from it's ability to make signs and item frames light up the item in the frame.

All The Blox

​​Minecraft 1.17 added multiple new blocks like, but not limited to, all types of crystals, copper, deepslate and calcite. Copper and crystal is used to make a new item and copper is also used to build while crystals and geodes are also used for building. Copper must be waxed to prevent oxidation. Oxidation will turn the copper a different color. Copper can be cut to produce a new style. 1.17, or Caves and Cliffs, also reworked all of the natural ores looks and replaced them with the textures in the picture above. They were redesigned for people who is colorblind so they can tell the ores apart.


10 New Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

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