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Fortnite Beginners Guide

For Fortnite, lots of gamers get used to the game fairly quickly. While it usually takes a while, with this tutorial you'll be playing pretty well, pretty fast.

Tip #1

Drop at IO POIs

While most other POIs (Point Of Interest) are bigger, IO (Imagined Order) POIs always contain IO chests, which contain really powerful weapons such as the Rail Gun, Plasma Cannon or the Pulse Rifle. They can also contain alien materials such as Alien Nanites. Alien Nanites are a crafting material that can be used to craft a legendary Pistol into a Plasma Cannon, a Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle into a Rail Gun or an AR (Assault Rifle) into a Pulse Rifle.

Tip #2

Get Good At Building

The 2 most important things apart from strategy are accuracy and building. Even if you aren't the best at accuracy, if you are good at building, it'll make up for it 10 times over. Some basics to learn is how to make a box and a tower. To make a tower, spin the camera in a circle while placing walls and when you are done, you place a roof over your head and you'll be done.

Tip #3

Get Good Accuracy

Mentioned in the last tip, accuracy is almost vital, as getting a headshot (or crithit) usally does 1.5x the damage. Accuracy is hard to improve, and accuracy is even harder in tight or stressful situations. One way to improve is to practice on accuracy training courses in creative. There are plenty out there, like ACCURACY COURSE by Teadoh. If you need, here is the code for it. 0928-3066-3735. I find this to be the best accuracy practice course. It has all the essentials, and has good sentry targets.

This article is done.

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