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Fortnite - Operation: Sky Fire

Dr. Slone was not to be trusted.

Fortnite had its live event on September 12, 2021 that finished off chapter 2 season 7. For all of the season there had been an alien mothership hovering over the island, and it had abducted 3 POIs, Corny Complex (now Corny Crops), Slurpy Swamp (now Sludgy Swamp) and Coral Castle (which is still Coral Castle). But while Dr. Slone was just trying to destroy the mothership, she almost destroyed every player on the mothership. Here is how Operation: Sky Fire went down.

The live event started with the mothership abducting us from Corny Complex. Next we knew it, we were in cells in the mothership, just like if we were doing the experiment mini game. The only difference was we saw a team of elite trespassers in front of us, and normally before the mini game we would get a weapon to use but his time we did not. Dr. Slone started talking about how this could mean they could be onto us, and if we were seen it would spoil the whole operation. We were then released from our cells by Slone and ran through the corridors to a point where we dropped down to keep running until we hit a security door. Slone then opened the door for us and we ran through the halls some more. We eventually hit an area where we were spotted by some guards and they started basting at us. Dr. Slone activated an electricity door, sealing them away for a minute. She then opened the security door and we ran through until we hit a spot with a tube that sucked air in, that was supposed to be used for inanimate objects. We were thrusted into a room with old things, like a golden peely and Midas' golden chair. Then we were sucked in again through the mothership. We then hit the ground where we saw Corny Complex floating with bombs stuck to the bottom of the parts. 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Finale: News
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