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Minecraft Live 2021

Stop whatever you're doing and read this.

Minecraft had a special event known as Minecraft live yesterday as of writing. It had a ton of stuff and information so we're going to cover everything right here. 

The Wild Update

With Minecraft live came the update that we will be getting next year, The Wild Update. This will be the update that overhauls the swamp biome and adds in 3 new mobs. These three new mlbs will be the Fireflies, the Frogs and the winner of this year's mob vote, the Allay. The Allay will be able to pick up an item and collect multiple of them and it will bring them to the nearest note block. I can already think about ways to find the opponents base with this. The other 2 potential mobs were the copper golem or the Glare. the Glare would've seen areas where its dark and told you if its dark enough for mobs to spawn. The copper golem would've been a golem made of copper that would've become useless over time by freezing into a statue. He would also randomly press copper buttons, which also would've been added to the game.

Minecraft Live 2021: News
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